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24 Ağustos 2015 Pazartesi

Salads - Top 200 Salad Recipes Cookbook EBOOK DOWNLOAD

Salads - Top 200 Salad Recipes Cookbook 
Jamie Stewart, "Salads - Top 200 Salad Recipes Cookbook" 
ISBN: n/a, ASIN: B00XWDKIVI | 2015 | EPUB/MOBI | 336 pages | 752 KB/1 MB 

Do You Want to Eat Healthier? 

If you tend to eat better and healthier, the salads are the perfect meals in every aspect. In many situations, you can prepare a delicious salad with ingredients you already have in the fridge. Think about that, you almost always have some fresh or frozen vegetables and fruits in your kitchen. Then, you probably have the eggs, some fragrant herbs, cheese and some nuts and dried fruits. And that is it, the magic can begin! You need to know - there are many different ways to combine the same ingredients. This cookbook will teach you how to use the food in the best possible way. Sometimes, a few drops of the salad dressings can make a big difference. Or just a dash of the certain seasoning can turn usually daily meal in an exotic fabulous dish! 
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